Kim and Barry's Arizona Trip

On May 3, 2003 we traveled to Arizona.

We landed in Phoenix, Arizona at 10:05 AM Arizona time.

We stopped at Montezuma's Castle and then Montezuma's Well.

Then we traveled through Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

We overnighted in Flagstaff where we had a great view of the San Fancisco Peaks.

On May 04, 2003 we arrived at the Grand Canyon.

On May 5 after watching the sunrise, we traveled past the Little Colorado River.

Then we went past the Wapatki Ruins and Sunset Volcano

On May 6 we saw the Painted Desert, some Petroglyphs, the Teepees, the Badlands and the Agate Bridge.

Then on to the Long Logs Trail in the Petrified Forest.

Then we took a scenic trip through Apache Sitgreaves National Forest and caught a beautiful view of Blue Vista,

Through the Black Hills to Bisbee. Next stop was Tombstone.

May 8 we saw the Sonoran Desert and the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

May 9 we hit Saguaro Desert National Park.

Last shot on the way out was Picacho Peak.